A Week of Funnies

When I mention that I teach junior high, people cluck their tongues and offer their sympathy.  Or else they tell me that I will receive a special blessing someday.  I nod and look down – mostly to hide the twinkle in my eyes.  If only they knew. . .

During this first (almost) full week of school, I’ve realized how much I both use and appreciate the humor happening every day in my classroom.  Some of this week’s highlights –

  • Austin asked if he could switch his days for Art and Study Hall.  When I saw the eager look on his face, I said, “You just want to be with your friends, don’t you?”  Grinning, he admitted that was his motive.  “Then nope,” I replied.  “But – but – but,” he protested.  “Don’t call me a ‘butt’!” I retorted – and the class roared.
  • The students knew the capitals of Germany and Japan, but not Canada.  I protested, “Canada’s our next door neighbor!”  One student asked, “Are we friends with them?”   When I said we were, someone else asked, “On Facebook?”
  • We were sharing stories from Fair Day (when we get out of school early to head to the Western Washington State Fair in nearby Puyallup).  Taylor said she and a friend were on the Pirate Ship ride when a girl behind them started complaining that she might throw up.  Taylor said, “I put my hood over my head and hunched down as far as I could!”  (The girl never did throw up.)
  • And lastly, one of the fish in my aquarium is swimming at a funny angle and having trouble staying afloat.  Some of the girls have named him Alfred and are feeling very sorry for him.  After they left the classroom on Thursday, I found notes taped to the aquarium telling “Alfred” he’d had a good life and they were going to miss him when he died.

No need to feel sorry for me  – I get to spend the day with captive audience members (who laugh at my jokes, if they know what’s good for them), who are also stand-up comedians (or sit-down, as the case may be)!

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