It’s Rated R For A Reason

Rated RLast week when we were discussing spring break plans, Amelia said she wanted to see the new Selena Gomez movie.  When I pointed out that it was rated R, she said that wasn’t a problem: “My mom will take me.”

I looked up the movie on and read the Parent Guide notes aloud.  After hearing several descriptions of drug use, nudity, and sexual situations, Amelia looked alarmed.  “I didn’t know all that was in there,” she said.  “I just thought the previews looked funny!”

The MPAA ratings may have their flaws, but they do serve a purpose, when parents heed them.   Had Amelia’s mom taken her to see the film without doing some checking first, it could’ve been uncomfortable and awkward for everyone.  There are several sites besides IMDB; Kids-in-Mind and Common Sense Media provide good info for parents (you can click on either name to access the site).

Teens – especially young teens – are forming their morals and values based partly on what they observe adults doing.  It’s important for the adults closest to them to guide them in making good choices.

And maybe to do a little research for them.