Rage Quit

A term known to gamers, for a concept known to everyone, “rage quit” translates as “I’m mad and I don’t want to play anymore!”

But it happens beyond gaming.  Parents see it in discussions that become arguments.  One day it might be a parent rage quitting; the next a teen: “Forget it!  Whatever!  Just do what you want!”    Try not to get to that point – suggest that there might be a better time for this discussion.  But if you do get there, recognize it as time to stop.  Walk away, drop it, or change the subject before mean words are spoken.  Nobody’s in the mood to be reasonable after a rage quit; parents will make ridiculous threats (“Get back here or you’re grounded for a month!”) and teens will resort to disrespect (“I can do whatever I want!”).  Nobody wins.

If you go past The Point of No Return and into the Land of Hurt Feelings,  call for a time out.  Later, when everyone’s calm, start fresh and avoid the snares you ran into last time.  Exchange apologies if necessary, and keep breathing deeply.

Remember – in video games and in relationships, there’s a wonderful little button labeled “Reset.”