Dear Blog Readers:

Thank you for reading – and sharing – this blog for the last few years.  Now I have a favor to ask. . .

Today an editor at Focus on the Family showed great interest in publishing a book on parenting middle schoolers, co-authored by Cynthia Tobias and yours truly.  It looks like we’re really going to write it (a dream come true for me)!  Cynthia has already proven herself, but it would be good for the editors to know there are also people interested in reading my writing.  Having more followers on my blog would help my case immensely.

Would you please consider becoming an email subscriber?  If so, just go to the blog’s home page (  and look to the right.  You’ll see an invitation to enter your email and sign up.  You won’t receive any spam from WordPress – you’ll just receive my newest blog in your email every time I write one.

If you share my blog with others, or if you share it on Facebook, would you please invite others to sign up, too?  That way, if Focus on the Family checks out my blog, they’ll see there ARE readers out there who know who I am.

Thanks so much!


  1. What could possibly be better than reading Sue Acuna’s regular comments on the care and feeding of middle school kids? Being able to learn of her wisdom from a book. So much of what she has written applies far beyond just parenting that age group; it works in almost any adult/child relationship. I am looking forward to the Sue Acuna/Cynthia Tobias collaboration.

  2. Sue – er, Mrs. Acuna – shares her spot-on observations of life with teens and preteens, and helps parents and other caring adults navigate and improve their relationships with them. With a great mix of wisdom and whimsy, she’s a valuable friend and adviser.

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