“I Ate the Lunch!”

A parent came to me recently, obviously pleased with herself.  “I have a blog topic for you,” she said.  “It was hard, but I stuck to my guns!”

She explained how her daughter had texted her from school that morning and said she’d forgotten her lunch in the car.  After retrieving the lunch, the mom considered her options for getting it to her daughter.  Unable to leave work, she asked around the office if anyone might be heading in the direction of the high school, but no one was.

As she was about to ask a colleague to run the lunch over to the school, she caught herself and paused.  This wasn’t the first time her daughter had forgotten her lunch, but it could very well be the last time she was rescued by Mom.  She texted her daughter just before lunchtime and said she was sorry, but she would be unable to get her lunch to her.

And then that mom took her daughter’s lunch and ate it.

As she laughed at herself, I congratulated her on landing her “helicopter.”  May it be the first of many such landings!

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