Please Advise

(Written last week for posting today – I’m home now, suffering from jet lag!)

As I sit here on my lanai in Kauai (let the envy begin), I’m struggling for an idea for a new topic.  No, it’s not because I’m a little distracted by my surroundings – oo, listen to those waves! – it’s because this is my 85th post, and I run the risk of repeating myself.

Give me some advice, please – should I revisit important topics, like empathy and the bubble concept, which would be helpful for newer readers but old hat for long-time readers?  I’d really like to address issues you’re currently dealing with or pondering.  Even if you don’t have teens anymore (or yet), you must see things when you’re out and about that might be worth a post.

Right now, I’m 2700 miles from my classroom, which may play a part in my difficulty in coming up with an idea – that, and the palm trees rustling over my head.  So would you please take a moment to reply or comment and tell me what to write about?



  1. Sue, I would love to hear more about the bubble concept. Matt turned 12 in July, and we’re starting to see more of all this fun stuff you’ve been blogging about. I was trying to tell my husband about the bubble thing, but wasn’t doing a very good job of it. I have kept all your posts, but don’t have time right now to wade through them all again trying to find ones that addressed this particular issue. So…help!

  2. Have you addressed something about respecting others space? Such as the round tables in your classroom where the students still have, so to speak, their own wedge? Cubbies, rooms at home, in the car (Move over…don’t touch me! in the halls maybe. Just a thought. 🙂
    Love, Mom

  3. Hi Sue,

    I think the “bubble” topic is worth investigating again. I am even seeing signs of Misha being in a “bubble” at times and he is only 10. Also, how about just doing the bare minimum, how does a parent teach a child to dig dipper or does that come with time?

  4. I would love hearing more about the following: life in the teen bubble (yes, I know it’s already been covered, but I live with a teen girl), sibling relationships (specifically when the oldest is a teen), and juggling it all as a responsible teen (school, family, church, athletics, grades, friends, etc., etc.). Thanks!!

  5. Being told once isn’t always enough. Hearing the same information when I am six months older or in a different situation or relationship makes it worthwhile. Some basic truths need to be pounded in, and eventually I will really get it.

    So go with what is on your mind. It will be helpful. What you write always is.

  6. How about motivating kids who are slow movers, can’t wake on their own and take a lifetime to do simple chores. How to get them to understand time urgency, which can create stress for the parent in trying to get out the door somewhere on time. Any tips for increasing speed or will it just come with age and maturity?

  7. I would love to hear thoughts re: the balance between monitoring your teen’s ‘technology relationships’ while respecting their privacy. Also along these lines, how to continue to help teens undestand that the healthiest relationships are built in person, not via text or facebook messaging. Thanks!

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