A Teacher Prayer

(After I wrote this for devotions for my faculty, I decided it just might be worth sharing as a blog. . .)

Lord, thank you for calling me to be the teacher of this class with these particular students.  Forgive me for the times I fail to see the needs of their hearts in the busy-ness of all I have to do every day.  Help me to remember that my first, instinctive response might not be the best one, and show me how to love them like You do:

  • When faced with an obnoxious student, help me to remember more attention is needed, not less;
  • When worried about an overly quiet student, help me to step inside the circle rather than keeping my distance;
  • When challenged by a hostile student, help me to look for opportunities to give more approval instead of disapproval;
  • When annoyed by a dramatic student, help me to be the voice of stability in an overly emotional ear;
  • When frustrated with a perfectionist, help me to show that it’s okay not to be perfect;
  • When waiting for a slow student, help me to have extra patience, not impatience;
  • When concerned about a tearful student, help me to speak words of understanding, not disdain;
  • And when blessed with students who don’t know You, may I be Christ to each and every one of them.

Lord, may I always realize my first responsibility is simply to love your children as You have always loved me.


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