Not Really MIA

I don’t know if you’d noticed, but I WAS blogging every Wednesday and Sunday nights.  This week my schedule is messed up, and just in case anyone missed me, I thought I’d quickly fill you in:

My husband and I have been in Southern California since Wednesday night, helping to clean out my mother-in-law Emma’s apartment, since she is now in assisted living.  She and my father-in-law lived in that apartment for 35 years, so you can imagine how much stuff there was to go through.  The largest amount – and the most time-consuming – were the boxes and envelopes of photographs.

I found one taken of  Emma on her 13th birthday in 1939.  I gazed at it and pondered how much the world has changed for a 13-year-old today.  Imagine – 1939 was during the Depression, before we entered World War II, and long before PC’s, cell phones, electric cars, and iPods were anybody’s brainchild (brainchildren?).

In some ways her struggles to be independent from her parents were the same as those our teens face.  Yet without the influence of  TV and texting and the Internet,  I’m sure her world was much smaller than that of teens today.

I offer no great flash of insight or wisdom, other than to remind you that those same influences on our children can also be great resources for parents today.  Please share this blog with anyone whom you think might be interested, and may I also encourage you to leave questions or comments that I – or another helpful reader – might address.

One last thought – please label the backs of your photos.  Someday someone will be looking at them and wondering, “Who ARE these people?”

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  1. Labeling: a very good idea to start while one is young! As we grow older we too forget who those people were and ask ourselves why am I even keeping these. Going through old photos is indeed a long and tedious process and help is really needed. (Hint, hint)

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