A Poetry Lesson

Thought for the day: It’s not wise to teach research-paper writing at the same time as the digestive system. Because, in case you hadn’t noticed, “theses” rhymes with “feces.” Go ahead and snicker – my 8th graders always do! (Should I be concerned about them knowing which of those are due on March 8?)

It’s a Blog Night, but I’m too under the weather to compose. I’ll just invite you to check out the new look of the site – and maybe leave a comment? I love comments!


  1. Here is a comment for you. Yesterday, when it was my turn for carpool, the girls were telling me how stupid the substitute was. The sub wrote up on the board for all to see the definition of “sympathy” instead of the real definition of the word in their assignment which was EMPATHY! They laughed all the way home, and yes, so did I. The girls are 14 and knew more than a public school employee, truly sad, but this is California.

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